Apr 102011

I just wanted you to know that pretty much daily I look up at my Woop print and think ‘I just love it’. Money well spent. Lydia – UK

I am delighted with A Watch of Nightingales! They are singing away by me in the garden room – from where i watch other birds. And I love the whole of your new range of pictures with their quirky names. Barbara – UK

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I received the print in perfect order. It is great and I love it, even better than I expected…. Thank you and the whole Woop team. Meake – Netherlands

I am overwhelmed with the charm of your language – verbal and visual. Dana – UK

Thanks very much for the personal response…. The full ABC is wonderful! Congratulations on your achievement. You can feel assured that A Bevy of Quails will have an appreciative audience here in Toronto. Sharon – Canada

When you embark on something creative such as we have, you do so with hope, conviction and belief. But until you hear such wonderful responses from strangers, you’re never really sure how you are actually doing.

We really value your feedback – it let’s us know we’re doing it right, doing it well and where we can improve, and in this regular section we will share the thoughts you volunteer. Thank you all very much for your support and positive feedback.

Apr 102011

We have created over 100 unique images and sometimes making a choice can seem overwhelming for new collectors. It’s a joy when we are asked how our prints might look in a collector’s own particular space, and are delighted to offer our help and advice. It’s all part of our service.

To illustrate the point we thought we would share the experience of a real life collector called Michael – who contacted us saying that he had a budget in mind but felt spoiled for choice and having difficulty deciding which prints to buy. Eduardo asked for a photograph of his living space, budget and colour preferences. With this in mind, Eduardo mocked up three different options….

Michael made his choice, including An Implausibility of Gnus and A Dazzle of Zebras, ordered the large framed prints and kindly sent us an image of it all in situ.

If you would like similar help from Eduardo, please feel to contact us and we will be happy to oblige at no extra cost!

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