Oct 312011

Over the last few months Woop has been working with Zoological Society London to raise awareness for the plight of the Sumatran tiger. today ZSL estimate that there are only 300 Sumatran tigers left living in the wild.
With that in mind we suggested we create an image highlighting this fact, whilst offering a print that would itself generate awareness and raise money. Thus was born ‘a Streak of Tigers’.
300 dots represent each remaining wild tiger, in an edition of 300 prints at £300 (large unframed), £150 of which will go directly to ZSL and its conservation work supporting the augmentation of the Sumatran tiger.

Sumatran tigers Lumpa and Raika at London Zoo loved our new prints, created especially for them.

Woop Chattering of Choughs Duchy of Cornwall

We were delighted when the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery in Lostwithiel contacted us to discuss stocking our prints. After chatting for a while we suggested that maybe we could do something more Cornish especially for them – and so A Chattering of Choughs was conceived.
We hope that you will enjoy this unique print with its rich Cornish references and whimsical royal crowns. It is available exclusively at the nursery shop or from our site.

A Hover of Kestrels and A Fondness of Stag Beetles

Woop Studios is proud to support local wildlife charity, London Wildlife Trust, by designing A Hover of Kestrels and A Fondness of Stag Beetles to promote the charity’s latest city-wide initiatives. A percentage of all sales of these prints will be donated to London Wildlife Trust.

London Wildlife Trust is the only charity dedicated solely to protecting the Capital’s wildlife and wild spaces, engaging London’s diverse communities through access to our nature reserves, campaigning, volunteering and education.

Its latest initiatives – a pioneering urban Kestrel Count and Stag Beetle Count – urge Londoners to get counting two of the city’s unique wild inhabitants in order to help London Wildlife Trust understand more about their distribution across London and to improve current conservation methods.

Kestrels are often seen on top of some of the Capital’s tall iconic buildings such as the Tower of London and the Barbican as well as most London boroughs, whereas stag beetles have been recorded in most London boroughs but are particularly loyal to certain areas such as Beckenham, Dulwich, Wandsworth and Richmond.

Please visit wildlondon.org.uk and start counting!

AZ collective term poster competition prize

Thank you to everyone who entered our first ever competition to suggest which animal and phrase that we might feature in a future collection. We are delighted to announce that the winner is China M, who suggested “a pod of dolphins”.
Dolphins were the most popular choice by far and China’s name was selected at random.
She has already been notified and will be receiving an artist’s proof of the A-Z poster with our thanks.

A-Z posters

We have decided to create limited editions of our first two A-Z collections. Making one of these posters our competition prize encouraged many Scoop readers to contact us and ask to buy one.
We are now offering a limited edition of 100 of each of the posters – an A-Z by collective noun and an A-Z by collective term.
These posters are a wonderful way to see a wide selection of our images in one print. They are available in the large format only and are available now at Woop Studios

Apr 102011

To mark the beginning of Spring we launched our British Birds Collection. Birds are incredibly popular the World over and nowhere more than in the UK. We carefully selected some of Britain’s favourite birds with the most striking collective terms such as A Charm of Finches and A Murmuration of Starlings. Once the short list had been created Mira and Eduardo worked their magic. We hope that you will enjoy these unique and memorable images. Below are a few with many more to be found here.

New English Bird Prints

Apr 102011

It’s interesting to us which images are the most popular with our collectors and we will share the top 5 best selling images with you in each new edition of Scoop. Here are the curent top 5 with a fact on each from our site, which children can also use as a resource for their homework!

1. A Watch of Nightingales – They can sing two notes simultaneously.

2. A Comfort of Cats – A cat’s nose is like a human fingerprint, unique.

4. A Skulk of Foxes – They are extremely good at climbing trees as they have retractable claws.

3. An Aurora of Polar Bears – They can run at 30 mph, much faster than humans can!

5. A Galaxy of Starfish – Sea stars do not have blood, they have a water vascular system that uses sea water.

Apr 102011

As a business we are committed to try and help charities and educational organisations raise funds to continue their important work. There are a number of ways in which we believe that Woop can cooperate to help them raise funds.

We believe that a successful partnership is built upon a co-incidence of interest, trust, good communication and clarity.

How we do this varies from organisation to organisation and the partnership can change and grow over time.

If you have fundraising responsibility for an organisation that might fit well with what we are doing at Woop please contact us.

Apr 102011

What do you call a group of PR professionals? We’re not so sure  - but Ciara Phillips and our team at Camron PR are wonderful and a joy to work with. We were introduced to Camron by our friends at EDC and since that initial meeting we have been featured in a growing number of newspapers, magazines and journals. Just in case you missed them or wanted to see what other people make of what we have started take a look….

If you have any PR related questions, please contact Ciara.

Apr 102011

We all know that quality costs and that you get what you pay for. At Woop we are dedicated to maintaining as high a level of quality in our production and service as possible. That inevitably means that it’s expensive being us and we need to ensure that we remain viable. We are also very much aware that times are challenging for us all and we will do everything we can to keep our prices as affordable as possible. We absorbed the UK VAT rise in January but are highly likely to have to raise our prices later in the year. We will guarantee our prices remain as they are until September and hope that you take advantage of our current pricing levels.

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