Apr 102011

To mark the beginning of Spring we launched our British Birds Collection. Birds are incredibly popular the World over and nowhere more than in the UK. We carefully selected some of Britain’s favourite birds with the most striking collective terms such as A Charm of Finches and A Murmuration of Starlings. Once the short list had been created Mira and Eduardo worked their magic. We hope that you will enjoy these unique and memorable images. Below are a few with many more to be found here.

New English Bird Prints

Apr 102011

It’s interesting to us which images are the most popular with our collectors and we will share the top 5 best selling images with you in each new edition of Scoop. Here are the curent top 5 with a fact on each from our site, which children can also use as a resource for their homework!

1. A Watch of Nightingales – They can sing two notes simultaneously.

2. A Comfort of Cats – A cat’s nose is like a human fingerprint, unique.

4. A Skulk of Foxes – They are extremely good at climbing trees as they have retractable claws.

3. An Aurora of Polar Bears – They can run at 30 mph, much faster than humans can!

5. A Galaxy of Starfish – Sea stars do not have blood, they have a water vascular system that uses sea water.

Apr 102011

We have created over 100 unique images and sometimes making a choice can seem overwhelming for new collectors. It’s a joy when we are asked how our prints might look in a collector’s own particular space, and are delighted to offer our help and advice. It’s all part of our service.

To illustrate the point we thought we would share the experience of a real life collector called Michael – who contacted us saying that he had a budget in mind but felt spoiled for choice and having difficulty deciding which prints to buy. Eduardo asked for a photograph of his living space, budget and colour preferences. With this in mind, Eduardo mocked up three different options….

Michael made his choice, including An Implausibility of Gnus and A Dazzle of Zebras, ordered the large framed prints and kindly sent us an image of it all in situ.

If you would like similar help from Eduardo, please feel to contact us and we will be happy to oblige at no extra cost!

Apr 102011

Our first collection was two full alphabets that highlighted the link between the words we selected and the images we created. Typography is integral to what we do and we had hoped that some collectors might use these beautiful letters in an imaginative way. We had envisaged that initials would be chosen, but had no inkling that soon we’d see your loved one’s name, your children’s names, your friends’ children, even pets’ names gloriously being spelled out in full!


We had experimented at the launch with two versions of A Galaxy of Starfish  – one with an “S” and another with a “G”. When we realised that you were interested in spelling things, we decided to assist collectors spelling words, and created new unique prints that presented them with more letter options e.g. A Journey of Giraffes with a “J” also became a A Journey of Giraffes with a “G” (thanks to those of you who suggested that we’d simply spelt giraffes incorrectly!).

As over 400 of you may recall, Woop Studios launched at EDC’s Margaret Street showroom with a cracking opening night party.

Our first collection remained in residence there much longer than expected. We are delighted that, as part of our ongoing relationship with EDC, a selection of our new British Birds Collection will be on view from June 1st. We believe that seeing our images in their beautiful showroom helps put them into a domestic context. It is art you can live with.

Woop at EDC London

If you would like to visit Richard and his team, they would be delighted to see you and can be found at: 20 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8RS
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