Apr 102011

Our first collection was two full alphabets that highlighted the link between the words we selected and the images we created. Typography is integral to what we do and we had hoped that some collectors might use these beautiful letters in an imaginative way. We had envisaged that initials would be chosen, but had no inkling that soon we’d see your loved one’s name, your children’s names, your friends’ children, even pets’ names gloriously being spelled out in full!


We had experimented at the launch with two versions of A Galaxy of Starfish  – one with an “S” and another with a “G”. When we realised that you were interested in spelling things, we decided to assist collectors spelling words, and created new unique prints that presented them with more letter options e.g. A Journey of Giraffes with a “J” also became a A Journey of Giraffes with a “G” (thanks to those of you who suggested that we’d simply spelt giraffes incorrectly!).

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